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  • Courses are one hour long each weekday. Students are expected to be on time and attentive. 

  • Being disruptive, rude or completely uninterested may result removal from the program.

  • All courses are delivered live on Moodle, our Learning Management Ssytem. The link for the Moodle is availabe on the main page.

  • Students need username and passwords to access the content. Such login info is created and shared with students after successful enrollment.

  • We do our best to record sessions. However, we can't guarantee that all sessions will be recorded in their entirety. Recorded sessions cannot substitute the benefits of live sessions. 

  • There is daily homework. While the homework is not collected and graded like it would be in a school, students are expected to work on them to receive the full benefit.

  • Online text books are not optional. While you do not need to get them through us, students needs to have the books. If they already have it, then no new purchase is necessary.

  • Lessons are recorded and shared with all students. Enrolling to a course means you accept that your child's image may be recorded during the session 

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  • Regular registrations end  one day before the start of a course or when the course capacity is reached.

  • Interested families can e-mail: or about availability after the program start.

  • There is no registration fee except the book fees. All courses use an online text book and families are expected to purchase the book either through us or from a third party.

  • Tuition is paid weekly. Preferred method of payment is automatically recurring subscription options found at:

  • If you enrolled your child(ren) to multiple courses, separate tuition and book fees are expected for each course. Discount for multiple enrollment is available.

  • Failure to pay weekly tuition without valid excuse may cause suspension or removal from the program. We will do all we can to communicate and resolve such issues before suspending an enrollment.  

  • We allow switching courses during the program for acceptable reasons as long as there is available spots.

  • If you are not happy with the program, you can ask for a full refund for the last week you attended. Your last tuition will be refunded without a question.

  • The book fees are not refunded after the first week. We use those fees to purchase the books and your child can use them for one year even after leaving the program. 

  • We will not ship anything to your address, nor we will require or expect a shipment from you. All of our courses are delivered online. 

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